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Here's an opportunity to do something that will impact everybody. Help us make a difference. But it is also good for you (Read below but we don't think that you need convincing!)
There are many ways to volunteer, from walking door to door to hosting fundraising events.
Let us know (soon) how can you help!

Power to people is what demo-cracy is. Our constitution says you are powerful. Recognize your self-worth and share your innate power & volunteer for DemocracyOne. You would meet people who would definitely look different from you but think exactly like you! Supercharge your energy by utilizing untapped parts of your brain and mind. Scientists say that you often get more out of it than you give. Many scientific studies have found volunteering a very gratifying strategy for a healthier mind and body. Reportedly volunteers have  been documented to have larger hippocampus compared with 75% of the US population, who do not volunteer!

Lower your stress levels and lower your blood pressure. Live long and a happy life. Talk to us !


We are not asking for an AirBnB level of commitment. We definitely hope that guests would leave eventually despite spirited and intellectual conversions at your table. People tend to agree more with each other when they break bread together. Many battles have been won on the kitchen table and not during hostile confrontations. Share your thoughts and share your food with really good company.

         Spread the word

Say something good about DemocracyOne. When reviewing ride-hailing services, we all leave good reviews even if service was less than stellar. Why won't you help us as well? Your retweets and likes would energize the campaign.


Hidden fees, unsolicited subscriptions, unrecognized charges on our home, phones, internet, media bills, airline fees, and bank/credit card fees to name a few, are all eating up a hole in our pockets. It is a steady drip which is easy to miss but it all adds up. Review all your services every month and send us the money you would save which is going down the drain! 

Pennies would help but real dollars would make it easy for us to tally them up for Federal Election Commission. Yes, they need to know everything! Please include your name, address, profession & employer name with your donation.

There are hidden fees everywhere but for a great cause, you can still use your credit cards here or write us a plain old check. 

Get involved Anchor

1042 Center Drive

Richmond, KY 40475

(859) 551-0015

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