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It is estimated that around 300 million children in world have never owned a pair of shoes. Interestingly, U.S. Department of Interior, estimates that in US approximately 300 million pairs of shoes are thrown away, which mostly end up in landfills. 

Your donated shoes can both save our planet and help protect the heath of impoverished communities, preserve human dignity and propel recipients of your shoes towards earning a livelihood. 

Share Shoes

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Promise of a better life

We make it really easy for you to donate your used shoes. Donate either individually or with your friends and family. Call us to pick up your shoes or you can drop of the shoes in the designated areas.

Better still, you can host a shoe drive of your own. We'll help you to organize a shoe drive for your group, work place, school, business or place of worship. 

Find out how to conduct your shoe drive. 

Want to know where your shoes were donated? 

You may be able to know where your shoe donation ended up!  

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