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Shoe Donation how-to

  1. Shoes collected individually or through collection drives can be packed in shopping bags and trash bags depending upon the number of shoes collected. Collection boxes with the ShareShoes logo are also available for free upon request. You can leave bags/boxes outside, after calling us with the location address and time to pick up the shoes. You can also drop off anytime at 1042 Center Drive, Richmond, KY  40475.

  2. Please don’t forget the laces if the shoes need them!

  3. All shoe types are welcome! Sturdy shoes are preferable; We believe that all children deserve to have at least one pair of shoes but there is always need for sports, casual and dress shoes for working adults as well. We collect shoes for all age groups. Dress, work and sports shoes of all sizes are welcome. Please feel free to donate every spare shoe pair that you have not used recently. 

  4. You may clean your shoes if you wish, however, we sanitize all the shoe donations. Please tie the pair together with laces or a string.

  5. We use shoe glue to repair minor damage such as detached sole or shoe liner. We can also repair small rents if overall shoe condition is satisfactory.

  6. Want to know where your shoes were donated? Attach a tag to the pair and write your e-mail address (the email address is never shared with anyone, including the recipient). The shoe number and date stamp are converted into the bar code and attached to your shoe before shipping. If the recipient (an individual or organization) has the resources (cell phone & internet connection) to scan the barcode to our secure servers, we'll notify you via email where they got scanned!


Should I donate money?

  1. Remember you are never alone in your your donation process. Whenever & wherever you choose to collect shoes (at home individually or with family or with your friends, at your school, business or faith-based organization), we are always available to help. Call us and we’ll setup the whole drive for you!

  2. However, either because of your commitments or other obligations etc, if you feel that it may easier for you to help financially, then please do so by all means.

  3. Please note that all monetary donations are tax-exempt under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code of IRS.

  4. You can always write a check and we'll gladly accept your donation and send you receipt for your tax- exempt donation.Please mail checks to "ShareShoes, Inc. 1042 Center Dr. Richmond, KY 40475"

  5. You can also donate online by clicking the "DONATE" button below. Thank you!

We welcome your contributions!

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