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Personal or group shoe drive 

  1. Decide on dates for your shoe drive. Although, shoe drives can be conducted throughout the year but you may like to avoid seasons with extremes of weather. Spring cleaning time may be a better time to request donations. Most drives last approximately four weeks. Start out now by contacting us now even if your drive is planned for later time so that we can provide you resources now to give you ample time to plan a successful drive.

  2. Sign up for drive and let us know about the dates, location(s) of drop off site(s) and expected number of pairs. You are not obliged to collect the pledged number of pairs but an estimate would be helpful for allocating adequate resources for your drive. We’ll e-mail you resource kit for conducting the drive. You will find flyers, templates for news releases and fliers to help you promote your shoe drive within your group and local media to spread the word

  3. Publicize your success after completion and express appreciation for everyone’s participation in your event. Encourage others and also think about your next drive!

Track your shoes! 

If your interested in the ultimate destination of a particular pair of shoes, then attach a tag to the pair and write your e-mail address (the email address is never shared with anyone, including the recipient). The shoe number and date stamp are converted into barcode and attached to your shoe before shipping. If the recipient (an individual or organization) has the resources (cell phone & internet connection) to scan the barcode to our secure servers, we'll notify you via email where they got scanned!

Collection drives by ShareShoes 

We also collect shoe donations through donations drops in designated public facilities including public libraries, schools and churches. These drives generally last 4 weeks and announced through banners which are displayed throughout the duration of the drive with dates when the drive would end for that particular facility.

if you know about any facility which would accept the collection bins for 4 weeks, then please let us know. Thank you very much!

Personal Drive
Track shoes
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