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Individually you can contribute either alone or with friends and families, in so many ways:


  1. Just spread the word through social media or at work or organization.

  2. Help at the headquarter of ShareShoes to clean the shoes, manage inventory or sort and pack shoes.

  3. Place door hangers in your community and then pick up the shoes.

  4. Volunteer at ShareShoe booths during public events.

  5. Contact administrators at your faith-based organization, school or work place for permission to place collection bins for donated shoes for 4 weeks or so.

  6. Make monetary donations. 


As a group, you can support the activities of individual contributors or conduct your own shoe collection drives:


  1. Allow ShareShoes to place collection bins at your organization. We have collection bins with logs of ShareShoes and posters in addition to a flag. Bins are preferably placed near the entrance to your facility. Shoes are picked up by ShareShoes volunteers frequently during the drive and after 4 weeks bins are moved out of your place. We help to advertise your drives.

  2. Invite ShareShoes donors to speak at your meetings for brief presentations.

  3. Encourage your group or congregation members to have their own individual drives or in collaboration with their friends or families. 


As school staff and students, you can help support community activism. Schools can participate in shoe collection drives quite easily:


  1. You can keep collection bins at your schools. These bins have ShareShoes logo/posters in addition to a flag. We pick up shoes as soon as bins have enough shoes. Many schools like to maintain bins for at least 4 weeks during which children bring their used shoes before school starts. 

  2. Students can help volunteer for shoe cleaning, sorting or packing shoes at Shareshoe headquarters in Richmond, KY.

  3. Volunteer at ShareShoe booths during public events.

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